Founders behind Products

BasCue product had been developed by a Japanese couple, Yuta and Yukako, based in San Francisco Bay Area spending their knowledge, passion and 2 year commitment. 

Yuta started his career in P&G Japan as a researcher to dedicated his passion to improving the lives of the world consumers. Yukako had served medical industry as a pharmacist for more than 10 years in Tokyo before moving to the US. 

They took a huge leap of faith to move to the US in 2017. Since then, they had been asked about their secret of maintaining healthy skin a lot of times. 

They came to realize that skincare has been a part of Japanese tradition and Yuta and Yukako naturally started  a basic skincare routine since they were teens without thinking at all.

They became passionate about advocating the importance of skincare habit and finally decided to develop safe, effective and thoughtful skincare from their country’s tradition for everyone (even beginners/ male!)  in the US market.

They has been working with one of the most advanced skincare manufacturing companies to comply with the most strict QA and Japan's industry-leading safety standards. Yukako developed the formula carefully to ensure safety, performance and experience based on her pharmaceutical experience and knowledge.

The product has been finally launched on March 30th, 2020. The BasCue team are looking forward to helping everyone’s healthy lifestyle by making skincare habit real.


BasCue is the story of something so simple, we almost lost it. Fortunately, it's also the story of how we can get it back.

Life today is all-consuming. One day bleeds into the next as we swipe from notification to notification. To do lists grow and our inboxes rarely reach zero.

Slowly at first, things begin to slip away. We get lost in the routine. Become one with the hustle, until most of our moments are mostly not ours anymore.

In truth, we lose our center. BasCue is the story of how we find it again.

BasCue is more than the object.

It is a vehicle for you to experience a deep, thoughtful, and foundational relationship with yourself and the world.


From Japan with Love,

BasCue team